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by Pastor Gary - 10-29-17

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A Place Called HeavenPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0511_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp311_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Make A Difference By Not Giving UpPastor GaryOct 2910_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp310_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Make A Difference By Believing - 11:15AMPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2210_22_17  Late Service_mp3.mp310_22_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Make A Difference By Believing_9AMPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2210_22_17  Early Service_mp3.mp310_22_17  Early Service_mp3.mp3
Make A Difference By CaringPastor Gary MitchenerOct 1510_15_17  Late Service_mp3.mp310_15_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Sanctuary Sunday School ClassChuck MeppelinkOct 15SUNDAY SCHOOL_10_15_17_CHUCK.mp3SUNDAY SCHOOL_10_15_17_CHUCK.mp3
Fail-Proof Your MarriageRev. Joe GrizzleOct 0810_8_17 Late Service_mp3.mp310_8_17 Late Service_mp3.mp3
A Brand New StartPastor Gary MitchenerOct 0110_1_17  Late Service_mp3.mp310_1_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
How Great Is Our GodPastor Gary MitchenerSep 249_24_17  Late Service_mp3.mp39_24_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Go ForwardPastor Gary MitchenerSep 179_17_17  Early Service_mp3.mp39_17_17  Early Service_mp3.mp3
Go ForwardPastor Gary MitchenerSep 179_17_17 Late Service_mp3.mp39_17_17 Late Service_mp3.mp3
Come Back From Lo DebarMike HolesappleSep 109_10_17 Late Service_Mike_Holesapple_mp3.mp39_10_17 Late Service_Mike_Holesapple_mp3.mp3
Jesus: The Personal SaviorRev. Gene CrewseSep 109_10_17 Early Service_Gene_Crewse_mp3.mp39_10_17 Early Service_Gene_Crewse_mp3.mp3
Getting Up When Things Are DownPastor Gary MitchenerSep 039_3_17_ Late Service_mp3.mp39_3_17_ Late Service_mp3.mp3
Lord, I'm Coming HomePastor Gary MitchenerAug 278_27_17  Late Service_mp3.mp38_27_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
America's Only HopePastor Gary MitchenerAug 208_20_17  Late Service_mp3.mp38_20_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Come Back To BethlehemPastor Gary MitchenerAug 138_13_17  Late Service_Mp3.mp38_13_17  Late Service_Mp3.mp3
The Christians Warnings and WeaponsPastor Gary MitchenerAug 068_6_17  Late Service_mp3.mp38_6_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Christian WalkPastor Gary MitchenerJul 307_30_17  Late Service_mP3.mp37_30_17  Late Service_mP3.mp3
Guest SpeakerBruce MooreJul 237_23_17  Late Servicve_mp3.mp37_23_17  Late Servicve_mp3.mp3
Fresh Touch of GraceRev. Gene CrewseJul 167-16-17 Late Service Gene Creswe_mp3.mp37-16-17 Late Service Gene Creswe_mp3.mp3
Freedom in ChristRev. Mike HolesappleJul 167-16-17 Early Mike Holesapple_mp3.mp37-16-17 Early Mike Holesapple_mp3.mp3
Growing Up TogetherPastor Gary MitchenerJul 097_9_17  Late Service_mp3.mp37_9_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Jesus Becomes Real When I Come To The End of MeRev. Tommy FranksJul 027_2_17  Early Service_mp3.mp37_2_17  Early Service_mp3.mp3
A Strange StoryPastor Gary MitchenerJul 027_2_17 Late Service_mp3.mp37_2_17 Late Service_mp3.mp3
Philippians 2Chuck MepplelinkJun 28WED 6_28_17  CHUCK MEPPLELINK.mp3WED 6_28_17  CHUCK MEPPLELINK.mp3
How To Raise Good, Godly KidsPastor Gary MitchenerJun 256_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp36_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
How To Get Along With PeoplePastor Gary MitchenerJun 21How to Get Along With People.mp3How to Get Along With People.mp3
One of the Greatest Needs of the HomePastor Gary MitchenerJun 116-11-17 Late Service_mp3.mp36-11-17 Late Service_mp3.mp3
A Marriage Made in ParadisePastor Gary MitchenerJun 046_4_17  Late Service_mp3.mp36_4_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
BlessedRev. Dale KesterMay 285_28_17  Late Service_mp3.mp35_28_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Remember Now Thy CreatorRev. Dale KesterMay 285_28_17  Early Service_mp3.mp35_28_17  Early Service_mp3.mp3
Is There Hope For Me In My MarriagePastor Gary MitchenerMay 215_21_17  Late Service_mp3.mp35_21_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Is There Hope For Me In My Insecurities As A MotherPastor Gary MitchenerMay 145_14_17  Late Service_mp3.mp35_14_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Brooke Bigham - TestimonyBrooke BighamMay 10
Is There Hope For Me In My Storm of FearPastor Gary MitchenerMay 075_7_17  Late Service_mp3.mp35_7_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Is There Hope For Me In My RelationshipsPastor Gary MitchenerApr 304_30_17  Late Service_mp3.mp34_30_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Is There Hope For Me...In My Personal LifePastor Gary MitchenerApr 234_23_17  Late Service_mp3.mp34_23_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Easter...It's All About Jesus!Pastor Gary MitchenerApr 164-16_17  Easter Late Service_mp3.mp34-16_17  Easter Late Service_mp3.mp3
Look To CalvaryPastor Gary MitchenerApr 094_9_17  Late Service_mp3.mp34_9_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
When Christ ReturnsPastor Gary MitchenerApr 024_2_17  Late Service_mp3.mp34_2_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Living In The Last DaysPastor Gary MitchenerMar 193_19_17  Late Service_mp3.mp33_19_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Gift of WisdomPastor Gary MitchenerMar 15WED_3_15_17_mp3.mp3WED_3_15_17_mp3.mp3
How To Live Until Christ ReturnsPastor Gary MitchenerMar 123_12_17  Late Service_mp3.mp33_12_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Jesus: Healer of the HomesickPastor Gary MitchenerMar 053_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp33_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Real FaithPastor Gary MitchenerMar 013_1_17.mp33_1_17.mp3
Jesus: Healer of the ConfusedPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 262_26_17  Late Service_mp3.mp32_26_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Right AttitudePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 22WED_2_22_17_mp3.mp3WED_2_22_17_mp3.mp3
Jesus: Healer of the HomePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 192_19_17  Late Service_mp3.mp32_19_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Marks of A Christian _ Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerFeb 15WED_2_15_17_mp3.mp3WED_2_15_17_mp3.mp3
Jesus_Healer of the FallenRev. Gary MitchenerFeb 122_12_17  Late Service_mp3.mp32_12_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Second Mile ChristianPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 052_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp32_5_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Rewards of a Generous LifePastor Gary MitchenerJan 291_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp31_29_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Principle of the FirstPastor Gary MitchenerJan 221_22_17  Late Service_mp3.mp31_22_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
When Trials ComePastor Gary MitchenerJan 18WED_ 1_18_17_mp3.mp3WED_ 1_18_17_mp3.mp3
The Laws of Sowing and ReapingPastor Gary MitchenerJan 151_15_17  Late Service_mp3.mp31_15_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Testimony of Troy SawdowskyTroy SawdowskyJan 15Troy Sawdowsky Testimony.mp3Troy Sawdowsky Testimony.mp3
The Principles of MultiplicationPastor Gary MitchenerJan 081_8_17  Late Service_mp3.mp31_8_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Wanting The Presence of The LordRev. Gene CrewseJan 011_1_17  Late Service_mp3.mp31_1_17  Late Service_mp3.mp3
The Love of JesusRev. James LaffertyJan 011_1_17  Early Service_mp3.mp31_1_17  Early Service_mp3.mp3
What is ChristmasPastor Gary MitchenerDec 2512_25-16  Late Service_mp3.mp312_25-16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Christmas: A Time for WisdomPastor Gary MitchenerDec 1812_18_16  Late Service_mp3.mp312_18_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
“Christmas – A Time of Joy” Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 1112_11_16  Late Servicemp3.mp312_11_16  Late Servicemp3.mp3
Christmas - A Time For Jesus To Be BornPastor Gary MitchenerDec 0412_4_16  Late Service_mp3.mp312_4_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
See Yourself As God Sees YouPastor Gary MitchenerNov 2711_30_16  Late Service_mp3.mp311_30_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Thanksgiving 365Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 2011_20_16 Late Service_.mp311_20_16 Late Service_.mp3
Where Are The NinePastor Gary MitchenerNov 1311_13_16  Late Service_mp3.mp311_13_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Showing Self-ControlPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0611_6_16  Late Service_mp3.mp311_6_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Giving GentlenessPastor Gary MitchenerOct 3010_30_16  Late Service_mp3.mp310_30_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Flourishing in FaithfulnessPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2310_23_16  Late Service_mp3.mp310_23_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Giving GoodnessPastor Gary MitchenerOct 1610_16_16  Late Service  _  Friend Day_mp3.mp310_16_16  Late Service  _  Friend Day_mp3.mp3
Preparing for PatiencePastor Gary MitchenerOct 0910_9_16  Late Service_mp3.mp310_9_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Journeying to JoyPastor Gary MitchenerOct 0210_2_16  Late Service_mp3.mp310_2_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Guest SpeakerRev. Gene CrewseSep 259_25_16  Late Service_mp3.mp39_25_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
I Have Decided To Follow JesusJames LaffertySep 259_25_16  Early Service_mp3.mp39_25_16  Early Service_mp3.mp3
Learning How To Love (Part 2)Pastor Gary MitchenerSep 189_18_16  Late Service_mp3.mp39_18_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Learning How To Love (Part 1)Pastor Gary MitchenerSep 119_11_16  Late Service_mp3.mp39_11_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Honor The Lord With Your WorkPastor Gary MitchenerSep 049_4_16  Late Service_mp3.mp39_4_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
How To Finish Your Life WellPastor Gary MitchenerAug 288_28_16  Late Service_mp3.mp38_28_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
Going After GodPastor Gary MitchenerAug 218_21_16  Late Service_mp3.mp38_21_16  Late Service_mp3.mp3
What Time Is It?Pastor Gary MitchenerAug 148_14_16  Late Service_web.mp38_14_16  Late Service_web.mp3
Are Christians Called To Live Uncomfortable LivesLayton SmithAug 108_10_16  Wed Worship_Layton Sermon_web.mp38_10_16  Wed Worship_Layton Sermon_web.mp3
How God Rescues Us When We Go AstrayPastor Gary MitchenerAug 078_7_16  Early Service_web.mp38_7_16  Early Service_web.mp3
How God Rescues Us When We Go AstrayPastor Gary MitchenerAug 078_7_16  Late Service_web.mp38_7_16  Late Service_web.mp3
How To Be A Man After God's Heart_9AMPastor Gary MitchenerJul 247_24_16 Early Service.mp37_24_16 Early Service.mp3
How To Be A Man After God's Own Heart_11:15AMPastor Gary MitchenerJul 247_24_16_Late Service.mp37_24_16_Late Service.mp3
Signs Of A Real Friendship_9AMPastor Gary MitchenerJul 177_17-16  Early Service_web.mp37_17-16  Early Service_web.mp3
Signs Of A Real Friendship_11:15AMPastor Gary MitchenerJul 177_17_16  Late Service_web.mp37_17_16  Late Service_web.mp3
How To Achieve True GreatnessPastor Gary MitchenerJul 10July_10_2016_11AM_web.mp3July_10_2016_11AM_web.mp3
The Kind of Change America NeedsPastor Gary MitchenerJul 10July_10_2016_9AM_web.mp3July_10_2016_9AM_web.mp3
How The Fallen Are Restored - Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerJul 037_3_16 Early Service_web.mp37_3_16 Early Service_web.mp3
Facing Your GiantsPastor Gary MitchenerJul 037_3_16  Late Service_web.mp37_3_16  Late Service_web.mp3
How The Fallen Are Restored - Part 1 Pastor Gary MitchenerJun 266_28_16  Early Service-web.mp36_28_16  Early Service-web.mp3
Following Jesus, The Light of The WorldPastor Gary MitchenerJun 266_28_16  Late Service_web.mp36_28_16  Late Service_web.mp3
When Life Seems OverwhelmingPastor Gary MitchenerJun 196_19_16  Early Service_MP3.mp36_19_16  Early Service_MP3.mp3
What a King Looks For In A ManPastor Gary MitchenerJun 196_19_16  Late Service_MP3.mp36_19_16  Late Service_MP3.mp3
A Christian's Work Is Never DonePastor Gary MitchenerJun 126_12_16  Early Service_MP3.mp36_12_16  Early Service_MP3.mp3
How God ChoosesPastor Gary MitchenerJun 126_12_16  Late ServiceMP3.mp36_12_16  Late ServiceMP3.mp3
Whoever Drinks of This Water Shall Never ThirstRev. Mike HolesappleJun 056_5_16  Early Service.mp36_5_16  Early Service.mp3
I_m In Awe Of GodRev. Frank WebsterJun 056_5_16  Late Service_web.mp36_5_16  Late Service_web.mp3
Trusting God When WrongedPastor Gary MitchenerMay 295_29_16  Late Service.mp35_29_16  Late Service.mp3
Then The Fire FellPastor Gary MitchenerMay 295_29_16  Early Service.mp35_29_16  Early Service.mp3
Elijah or Obadiah_Which One Are YouPastor Gary MitchenerMay 225_22_16  Early Service.mp35_22_16  Early Service.mp3
Trusting God When You ProsperPastor Gary MitchenerMay 225_22_16  Late Service.mp35_22_16  Late Service.mp3
How God Prepares Us For MinistryPastor Gary MitchenerMay 155_15_16  Early Service.mp35_15_16  Early Service.mp3
Trusting God When Faced With DiscouragementPastor Gary MitchenerMay 155_15_16  Late Service.mp35_15_16  Late Service.mp3
9AM Missions ServiceKen BaileyMay 085_8_16 Early Service.mp35_8_16 Early Service.mp3
11:15AM Missions ServiceKen BaileyMay 085_8_16 Late Service.mp35_8_16 Late Service.mp3
Trusting God No Matter What HappensPastor Gary MitchenerMay 015_1_16_Late Service.mp35_1_16_Late Service.mp3
What To Do While We WaitPastor Gary MitchenerMay 015_1_16  Early Service.mp35_1_16  Early Service.mp3
April 24th - Dedication ServiceSpeaker: Frank WebsterApr 244_27_16  Early Service_DEDICATION SUNDAY.mp34_27_16  Early Service_DEDICATION SUNDAY.mp3
April 24th - Dedication ServiceSpeaker: Stan BunchApr 244_27_16  Late Service_DEDICATION SUNDAY.mp34_27_16  Late Service_DEDICATION SUNDAY.mp3
Betrayal_Trusting God in a Dysfunctional FamilyPastor Gary MitchenerApr 10Betrayal_Trusting God In A Dysfuncti.mp3Betrayal_Trusting God In A Dysfuncti.mp3
Training For The Challenge of MinistryPastor Gary MitchenerApr 10Training For The Challenge of Ministry.mp3Training For The Challenge of Ministry.mp3
A Man Sent From GodPastor Gary MitchenerApr 034_3_16  Early Service.mp34_3_16  Early Service.mp3
Trusting God In TragedyPastor Gary MitchenerApr 034_3_16  Late Service.mp34_3_16  Late Service.mp3
The Resurrection Message of the AngelPastor Gary MitchenerMar 273_27__11_15.mp33_27__11_15.mp3
Easter...What Christ Is To UsPastor Gary Mitchener Mar 273_27_16  Early Easter Service 1.mp33_27_16  Early Easter Service 1.mp3
A Place Called HeavenPastor Gary MitchenerMar 1301 Mark 26.mp301 Mark 26.mp3
March 13_2016_2nd Service_WorshipWorship TeamMar 13
The Message of the CrossPastor Gary MitchenerMar 06The Message of the Cross.mp3The Message of the Cross.mp3
Thank God For The Blood Of JesusPastor Gary MitchenerMar 06Thank God For The Blood of Jesus.mp3Thank God For The Blood of Jesus.mp3
Scenes on the Path to CalvaryPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 28Scenes on the Path to Calvary.mp3Scenes on the Path to Calvary.mp3
I Want MorePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 28T002_20160228.mp3T002_20160228.mp3
Don_t Waste Your ValleyPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 212_21_16  Early Sermon 1.mp32_21_16  Early Sermon 1.mp3
A Place Called BethsemanePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 212_21_16  Late Sermon 1.mp32_21_16  Late Sermon 1.mp3
A Beautiful Picture of LovePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1401 Mark 25.mp301 Mark 25.mp3
Why The Saints Ought To ShoutPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1401 Psalm 25.mp301 Psalm 25.mp3
The Psalm of The Sowing SaintPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0701 The Psalm of the Sowing Saint.mp301 The Psalm of the Sowing Saint.mp3
Lord, Where Are YouRev. Mark KeltonFeb 0701 John 11.mp301 John 11.mp3
Why Going To Church Should Make Us GladPastor Gary MitchenerJan 3101 Psalm 24.mp301 Psalm 24.mp3
The Beginning of The EndPastor Gary MitchenerJan 3101 Mark 24.mp301 Mark 24.mp3
Who_s Going to Help MePastor Gary MitchenerJan 2401 Psalm 23.mp301 Psalm 23.mp3
Why I Love The ChurchPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1702 Why I Love The Church - Track 03.mp302 Why I Love The Church - Track 03.mp3
Unrealistic ExpectationsPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1001 Surviving the Storms of Stress.mp301 Surviving the Storms of Stress.mp3
A Time To RememberPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1002 A Time To Remember - Track 03.mp302 A Time To Remember - Track 03.mp3
Being Set FreeRev. Alvin HookJan 0303 Being Set Free - Track 04 - Track.mp303 Being Set Free - Track 04 - Track.mp3
No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful_Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 2701 Isaiah 2.mp301 Isaiah 2.mp3
What Forgiveness Is Not_Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 2701 The Gift of Christmas_The Gift 1.mp301 The Gift of Christmas_The Gift 1.mp3
No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 2701 No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful.mp301 No Wonder They Call Him Wonderful.mp3
The Purpose of ChristmasPastor Gary MItchenerDec 2001 Luke 4.mp301 Luke 4.mp3
What Forgiveness Is Not_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 1301 The Gift of Christmas_The Gift of.mp301 The Gift of Christmas_The Gift of.mp3
The Way of the RighteousPastor Gary MitchenerDec 1301 Psalm 22.mp301 Psalm 22.mp3
Worship Service _ Dec. 6_2015Praise TeamDec 0601 Worship.mp301 Worship.mp3
A Few Family Christmas RemindersRev. Gene CrewseDec 0601 Audio CD 1.mp301 Audio CD 1.mp3
What Forgiveness Is_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 2902 What Forgiveness is_Part 1 - Trac.mp302 What Forgiveness is_Part 1 - Trac.mp3
The Benefits of ThanksgivingPastor Gary MitchenerNov 2901 The Benefits of Thanksgiving.mp301 The Benefits of Thanksgiving.mp3
In Everything Give ThanksPastor Gary MitchenerNov 2201 1 Thess 1.mp301 1 Thess 1.mp3
What Everyone Should Bring To Church_Part 2_Thanksgiving MessagePastor Gary MitchenerNov 2201 Audio CD 8.mp301 Audio CD 8.mp3
What The Last Days Will Be Like _ Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 1501 2 Timothy 1.mp301 2 Timothy 1.mp3
Don_t Lag BehindRev. James LaffertyNov 1501 Mark 14.mp301 Mark 14.mp3
What Everyone Should Bring To Church_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 0801 Psalm 20.mp301 Psalm 20.mp3
What the Last Days Will Be Life_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 0801 2 Timothy.mp301 2 Timothy.mp3
Testimonies_nov.1_2015Josie Davis_Brandon LinneburNov 01testimones_nov_1_2015.mp3testimones_nov_1_2015.mp3
God_s Word About Your MoneyPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0101 Mark 22.mp301 Mark 22.mp3
The Only Safe PlacePastor Gary MitchenerNov 0101 Psalm 19.mp301 Psalm 19.mp3
The Greatest of These is Love_part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerOct 2501 Mark 21.mp301 Mark 21.mp3
Don_t Give Up_There_s HopePastor Gary MitchenerOct 2501 Don_t Give Up There_s Hope.mp301 Don_t Give Up There_s Hope.mp3
The Greatest of These Is Love_Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerOct 1801 The Greatest of These If Love_p 1.mp301 The Greatest of These If Love_p 1.mp3
The Sovereignty of GodPastor Gary MitchenerOct 1101 Psalm 90.mp301 Psalm 90.mp3
Questions of EternityPastor Gary MitchenerOct 1101 Mark 20.mp301 Mark 20.mp3
What to do, when you dont know what to doPastor Gary MitchenerOct 0501 Psalm 18.mp301 Psalm 18.mp3
When God Sets Your Barley Fields On FirePastor Gary MitchenerOct 0401 2 Samuel.mp301 2 Samuel.mp3
A Question of OwnershipPastor Gary MitchenerSep 2701 Mark 19.mp301 Mark 19.mp3
Guest SpeakerGene CrewseSep 2702 Guest Speaker.mp302 Guest Speaker.mp3
There_s Something Special About This PlacePastor Gary MitchenerSep 2001 Psalm 17.mp301 Psalm 17.mp3
The Cost of CompromisePastor Gary MitchenerSep 2001 Audio CD 7.mp301 Audio CD 7.mp3
I've Got A Home In GlorylandPastor Gary MitchenerSep 1301 Psalm 15.mp301 Psalm 15.mp3
Dont Give UpPastor Gary MitchenerSep 1302 Don_t Give Up - Track 03.mp302 Don_t Give Up - Track 03.mp3
The Lord Of The VineyardPastor Gary MitchenerSep 0601 Mark 18.mp301 Mark 18.mp3
Can GodPastor Gary MitchenerSep 0601 Audio CD 6.mp301 Audio CD 6.mp3
Where You Stand Determines What You SeePastor Gary MitchenerAug 3001 Psalm 14.mp301 Psalm 14.mp3
Sorrows Sweet SongPastor Gary MitchenerAug 2301 Psalm 12.mp301 Psalm 12.mp3
The Power of Biblical FaithPastor Gary MitchenerAug 2301 Mark 17.mp301 Mark 17.mp3
The Trouble In The TemplePastor Gary MitchenerAug 1601 Mark 15.mp301 Mark 15.mp3
BrokennessRev. Mike HolesapplyAug 1602 Brokenness.mp302 Brokenness.mp3
Sailing Life_s Stormy SeasPastor Gary MitchenerAug 0901 Psalm 11.mp301 Psalm 11.mp3
Where_s The FruitPastor Gary MitchenerAug 0902 Where_s The Fruit - Track 03 - Tr.mp302 Where_s The Fruit - Track 03 - Tr.mp3
How Can I Have A Lasting MarriagePastor Gary MitchenerAug 0202 How Can I Have A Lasting Marriage.mp302 How Can I Have A Lasting Marriage.mp3
The Parable of the TaresRev. Gene CrewseAug 0202 Parable of the tares.mp302 Parable of the tares.mp3
Behold, Your King Comes To YouPastor Gary MitchenerJul 2601 Mark 12.mp301 Mark 12.mp3
How To Come Back When You Are DownPastor Gary MitchenerJul 2601 Psalm 9.mp301 Psalm 9.mp3
"I Really Have Nothing To Say"Rev. Sam HendersonJul 1902 I have really nothing to say this.mp302 I have really nothing to say this.mp3
Bartimaeus_A Blind Man with 20/20 VisionPastor Gary MitchenerJul 1901 Mark 11.mp301 Mark 11.mp3
The High Cost of Finishing FirstPastor Gary R. MitchenerJul 1201 Mark 10.mp301 Mark 10.mp3
O, Deliver MePastor Gary R. MitchenerJul 1201 Psalm 7.mp301 Psalm 7.mp3
Freedom From The Pit of DespairPastor Gary MitchenerJul 05Freedom From The Pit Of Despair.mp3Freedom From The Pit Of Despair.mp3
And Jesus Went Before ThemPastor Gary MitchenerJul 05And Jesus Went Before Them.mp3And Jesus Went Before Them.mp3
Steps To peace in the Paths of LifePastor Gary MitchenerJun 28Steps To Peace In The Paths of Life.mp3Steps To Peace In The Paths of Life.mp3
The Truth About Riches, Redemption, and RewardsPastor Gary MitchenerJun 28The Truth About Riches_Redemption_ and Rewards.mp3The Truth About Riches_Redemption_ and Rewards.mp3
Fathers_s_Don_t Hinder The ChildrenPastor Gary MitchenerJun 2101 Father_s Don_t Hinder The Childre.mp301 Father_s Don_t Hinder The Childre.mp3
How Men Can Discover Spiritual ContentmentPastor Gary MItchenerJun 2102 How Men Can Discovery Spiritual C.mp302 How Men Can Discovery Spiritual C.mp3
The Man Who Went To Hell With Heaven on His MindPastor Gary MitchenerJun 1401 Mark 9.mp301 Mark 9.mp3
Why The Saints Should Rejoice In Our GodPastor Gary MitchenerJun 1401 Psalm 6.mp301 Psalm 6.mp3
What About Divorce (Part 2 of 2)Pastor Gary MitchenerJun 0701 What About Divorce_Part 2.mp301 What About Divorce_Part 2.mp3
How To Solve The Sin ProblemPastor Gary MitchenerJun 0701 How To Solve The Sin Problem.mp301 How To Solve The Sin Problem.mp3
Let Me Never Be AshamedPastor Gary MitchenerMay 3103 Let Me Never Be Ashamed - Track 0.mp303 Let Me Never Be Ashamed - Track 0.mp3
What About Divorce (Part 1 of 2)Pastor Gary MitchenerMay 3101 Mark 7.mp301 Mark 7.mp3
I've Got A Home In GlorylandPastor Gary MitchenerMay 2401 Audio CD 2.mp301 Audio CD 2.mp3
Every Day is Memorial DayPastor Gary MitchenerMay 2401 Every Day Is Memorial Day 1.mp301 Every Day Is Memorial Day 1.mp3
Hope In The Midst of Your BattlesPastor Gary MitchenerMay 1701 Psalm 5.mp301 Psalm 5.mp3
A Place No One Wants To GoPastor Gary MitchenerMay 1701 Mark 4.mp301 Mark 4.mp3
Hannah: A Model for MotherhoodPastor Gary MitchenerMay 1001 Mother_s_Day.mp301 Mother_s_Day.mp3
Mothers Who LovePastor Gary MitchenerMay 1001 Mother_s_Day 2.mp301 Mother_s_Day 2.mp3
Warnings From The MasterPastor Gary MitchenerMay 0301 Warnings from the Master.mp301 Warnings from the Master.mp3
The Song of The Great ShepherdPastor Gary MitchenerMay 0301 Mother_s_Day.mp301 Mother_s_Day.mp3
Who_s the GreatestPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2601 Who_s The Greatest.mp301 Who_s The Greatest.mp3
The Believer_s Song of VictoryPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2601 The Believers Song of Victory.mp301 The Believers Song of Victory.mp3
The Preservation of The Holy ScripturesPastor Gary MitchenerApr 1901 Psalm 3.mp301 Psalm 3.mp3
"...And They Could Not" - But the Lord Can!Pastor Gary MitchenerApr 1901 And They Could not - But the Lord.mp301 And They Could not - But the Lord.mp3
A Glimpse of GloryPastor Gary MitchenerApr 1201 AGLIMPSEOFGLORY_11AM.mp301 AGLIMPSEOFGLORY_11AM.mp3
Characteristics of the Successful BelieverPastor Gary MitchenerApr 1201 Psalm 1.mp301 Psalm 1.mp3
The Resurrection Message of the AngelPastor Gary MitchenerApr 0501 The Resurrection Message of the A.mp301 The Resurrection Message of the A.mp3
I'll Go Where You Want Me To GoPastor Gary MitchenerMar 2201 Genesis.mp301 Genesis.mp3
Our Blessed HopePastor Gary MitchenerMar 0801 Our Blessed Hope.mp301 Our Blessed Hope.mp3
Four Qualities of a Good SoldierPastor Gary MitchenerMar 0801 Four Qualities of a Good Soldier.mp301 Four Qualities of a Good Soldier.mp3
Thrive not Just SurviveRev. Gene CrewseFeb 2201 Psalm 126.mp301 Psalm 126.mp3
Menu of Spiritual MaturityRev. Mike HolesappleFeb 2201 Audio CD.mp301 Audio CD.mp3
The Kind of Church Member God Wants Me To BePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1501 How To Be A Good Church Member 8.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 8.mp3
How To Be A Christlike Church Member_11AMPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1501 How To Be A Christlike Church Mem.mp301 How To Be A Christlike Church Mem.mp3
I Will Be A Sacrificing Church Member / 11AMPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0801 How To Be A Good Church Member 6.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 6.mp3
I Am A Coopering ServantPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0101 How To Be A Good Church Member 5.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 5.mp3
I Will Be A Cooperating Church MemberPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0101 I Will Be A Cooperating Church Me.mp301 I Will Be A Cooperating Church Me.mp3
I Will Be A Unifying Servant_9AMPastor Gary MitchenerJan 2501 I Will Be A Unifying Servant.mp301 I Will Be A Unifying Servant.mp3
I Will Be A Unifying Servant _11AMPastor Gary MitchenerJan 2501 How To Be A Good Church Member 4.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 4.mp3
"The Man Who Stopped Begging and Started Serving"Pastor Gary MitchenerJan 1801 How To Be A Good Church Member 2.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 2.mp3
I Am A Serving Church MemberPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1801 How To Be A Good Church Member 3.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 3.mp3
Jesus: The Humble ServantPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1101 How To Be A Good Church Member 1.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member 1.mp3
I Am A Good ServantPastor Gary MitchenerJan 0401 How To Be A Good Church Member.mp301 How To Be A Good Church Member.mp3
With God All Things Are PossiblePastor Gary MitchenerDec 28With God All Things Are Possible.mp3With God All Things Are Possible.mp3
Stretching Your Faith in 2015Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 2801 Stretching Your Faith in 2015.mp301 Stretching Your Faith in 2015.mp3
Christmas - The Gift of HopePastor Gary MitchenerDec 2101 Luke 1.mp301 Luke 1.mp3
",,and His name shall be called Wonderful!"Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 2101 Isaiah.mp301 Isaiah.mp3
God With UsPastor Gary MitchenerDec 1401 Matthew.mp301 Matthew.mp3
Christmas - The GIft of CouragePastor Gary MtichenerDec 1401 Christmas - The Gift of Courage.mp301 Christmas - The Gift of Courage.mp3
Habits of Highly Sucessful Families_ Part 2 of 2Pastor Gary MItchenerDec 0701 Joshua.mp301 Joshua.mp3
Overcoming LonelinessPastor Gary MitchenerDec 071-01 Overcoming Loneliness.mp31-01 Overcoming Loneliness.mp3
Some Things That Should Encourage The BelieverPastor Gary MitchenerNov 3001 Some Things That SHould Encourage.mp301 Some Things That SHould Encourage.mp3
Habits of Highly Successful Families_Part 1 of 2Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 30Habits Of Highly Successful Families_Part 1.mp3Habits Of Highly Successful Families_Part 1.mp3
The Benefits of ThanksgivingPastor Gary MitchenerNov 2301 The Benefits of Thanksgiving.mp301 The Benefits of Thanksgiving.mp3
A Real ThanksgivingPastor Gary MItchenerNov 2301 1 Thess.mp301 1 Thess.mp3
Can God Use MePastor Gary MitchenerNov 1601 Luke.mp301 Luke.mp3
"The Person In The Mirror"Rev. Mike HolesappleNov 1601 Matthew 25_14.mp301 Matthew 25_14.mp3
Overcoming TemptationPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0901 How To Handle Tempation Series 3.mp301 How To Handle Tempation Series 3.mp3
If I Only Had One DayPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0901 If I Only Had One Day.mp301 If I Only Had One Day.mp3
The Seat of TemptationPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0201 How To Handle Tempation Series 2.mp301 How To Handle Tempation Series 2.mp3
Steps To Peace Om The Paths Of LifePastor Gary MitchenerNov 0201 Psalm.mp301 Psalm.mp3
Earning the Respect To Lead PeoplePastor Gary MitchenerOct 2601 Earning the Respect To Lead Peopl.mp301 Earning the Respect To Lead Peopl.mp3
The Source of TemptationPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2601 How To Handle Tempation Series 1.mp301 How To Handle Tempation Series 1.mp3
Being A Good StewartFrank WebsterOct 1901 1 Corinthians 4.mp301 1 Corinthians 4.mp3
Guest Speaker - Romans 10Frank WebsterOct 1904 Guest speaker - Track 05 - Track.mp304 Guest speaker - Track 05 - Track.mp3
God's Grace In The FallPastor Gary MitchenerOct 12God_s Grace In The Fall.mp3God_s Grace In The Fall.mp3
The Struggle With TempationPastor Gary MitchenerOct 1201 How To Handle Tempation Series.mp301 How To Handle Tempation Series.mp3
How To Get On Fire For GodPastor Gary MitchenerOct 0501 Audio CD.mp301 Audio CD.mp3
A Highway To RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerOct 0501 A Highway To Revival.mp301 A Highway To Revival.mp3
God's Pattern For His ChurchPastor Gary MitchenerSep 2801 Gods Pattern For His Church.mp301 Gods Pattern For His Church.mp3
Moving FowardRev. Gene CrewseSep 2101 Moving Forward.mp301 Moving Forward.mp3
Building on the Word of GodRev. Gene CrewseSep 2101 Building on the Word of God.mp301 Building on the Word of God.mp3
Keeping The Main Thing The Main ThingPastor Gary MitchenerSep 1401 Keeping The Main Thing the Main T.mp301 Keeping The Main Thing the Main T.mp3
The 2014 Condition of the ChurchPastor Gary Mitchener Sep 1401 The 2014 Condition of the Church.mp301 The 2014 Condition of the Church.mp3
What Are You Looking At?Pastor Gary MitchenerSep 0701 Acts.mp301 Acts.mp3
How To Avoid ArgumentsPastor Gary MitchenerSep 0701 Home Improvement_Series.mp301 Home Improvement_Series.mp3
Rekindling RomancePastor Gary MitchenerAug 2401 Rekindling Romance.mp301 Rekindling Romance.mp3
An Old Solider Prepares to Go Home / Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerAug 2401 An Old Soldier Prepares to Go Hom.mp301 An Old Soldier Prepares to Go Hom.mp3
Living In TarshishNate AltomAug 1701 Guest Speaker.mp301 Guest Speaker.mp3
Pittsburg Missionary Nate AltomNate AltomAug 1701 Guest Speaker 1.mp301 Guest Speaker 1.mp3
Darin AlvisDarin AlvisAug 1001 Guest Speaker.mp301 Guest Speaker.mp3
Darin AlvisDarin AlvisAug 1001 Guest Speaker 1.mp301 Guest Speaker 1.mp3
Darin AlvisDarin Alvis Aug 1001 Guest Speaker.mp301 Guest Speaker.mp3
An Old Soldier Prepares To Go Home _ Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerAug 0301 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp3
Roadblocks To RomansPastor Gary MitchenerAug 03Roadblocks To Romance.mp3Roadblocks To Romance.mp3
The Cities of RefugePastor Gary MitchenerJul 2701 The Cities of Refugre.mp301 The Cities of Refugre.mp3
The Lost SiblingPastor Gary MitchenerJul 2701 God_S Lost and Found Series 2.mp301 God_S Lost and Found Series 2.mp3
The Lost SonPastor Gary MitchenerJul 2001  The Lost Son.mp301  The Lost Son.mp3
Caleb: The Gray_Haired ConquerorPastor Gary MitchenerJul 2001 Claiming Your Canaan Series 1.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 1.mp3
Valuable Lessons For The Day of BattlePastor Gary MitchenerJul 1301 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp3
The Lost SilverPastor Gary MitchenerJul 1301 God_S Lost and Found Series 1.mp301 God_S Lost and Found Series 1.mp3
Being Too Friendly With The EnemyPastor Gary MitchenerJul 0601 Claiming Your Canaan Series 8.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 8.mp3
The Lost SheepPastor Gary MitchenerJul 0601 God_s Lost and Found_Series.mp301 God_s Lost and Found_Series.mp3
Are the Days of Noah Here AgainPastor Gary MitchenerJun 2901 Noah Series 6.mp301 Noah Series 6.mp3
How To Ambush Your AiPastor Gary MitchenerJun 2901 How To Ambush Your Ai.mp301 How To Ambush Your Ai.mp3
God_s Prescription For An Achan HeartPastor Gary MitchenerJun 2201 Claiming Your Canaan Series 7.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 7.mp3
The Building Of The ArkPastor Gary MitchenerJun 2201 Noah Series 5.mp301 Noah Series 5.mp3
Dads That Make A DifferencePastor Gary MitchenerJun 1501 Claiming Your Canaan Series 5.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 5.mp3
The Achievements of A Successful FatherPastor Gary MitchenerJun 1501 Noah Series 2.mp301 Noah Series 2.mp3
Are You Ready To Conquer Your CanaanPastor Gary MitchenerJun 0801 Claiming Your Canaan Series 5.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 5.mp3
How To Shine In the DarkPastor Gary MitchenerJun 0801 Noah Series 3.mp301 Noah Series 3.mp3
How To Get Past Your Jordan - Part 2Pastor Gary R. MitchenerJun 0101 Claiming Your Canaan Series 2.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 2.mp3
A Biblical View of Human LifePastor Gary R. MitchenerJun 0101 Noah Series.mp301 Noah Series.mp3
RememberanceRev. Gene CrewseMay 2501 Proverbs 10_7.mp301 Proverbs 10_7.mp3
How To Get Past Your Jordan - Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerMay 1801 Claiming Your Canaan Series 2.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 2.mp3
What Mothers DeservePastor Gary R. MitchenerMay 1101 Help For The Homes - Series 1.mp301 Help For The Homes - Series 1.mp3
Seven Ways To Love Your MotherPastor Gary R. MitchenerMay 1101 Mother_s Day.mp301 Mother_s Day.mp3
"Left-Overs"Leslie BlackMay 0701 Audio CD 1.mp301 Audio CD 1.mp3
She's Not The Girl She Used To BePastor Gary MitchenerMay 0401 Claiming Your Canaan Series 1.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series 1.mp3
A Father Who Leads Pastor Gary MitchenerMay 0401 A Father Who Leads.mp301 A Father Who Leads.mp3
This Land Is Our LandPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2701 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp301 Claiming Your Canaan Series.mp3
How Salvation WorksPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2701 Help For The Homes - Series.mp301 Help For The Homes - Series.mp3
The Message In The GraveclothesPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2001 The Message in the Graveclothes.mp301 The Message in the Graveclothes.mp3
Good News From the Tomb of JesusPastor Gary MitchenerApr 2001 Good News From The Tomb of Jesus.mp301 Good News From The Tomb of Jesus.mp3
The King Is ComingPastor Gary MitchenerApr 1301 Mark 3.mp301 Mark 3.mp3
The Old Rugged Cross Made The DifferencePastor Gary MitchenerApr 1301 The Old Rugged Cross Made The Dif.mp301 The Old Rugged Cross Made The Dif.mp3
The Case of The Broken Hearted MotherPastor Gary MitchenerApr 0601 Hope for the Hurting - Series 3.mp301 Hope for the Hurting - Series 3.mp3
The Helmet of SalvationPastor Gary MitchenerApr 0601 Spirit_Filled_Warfare.mp301 Spirit_Filled_Warfare.mp3
The Case of a Man Named LegionPastor Gary MitchenerMar 3001 Hope for the Hurting - Series 2.mp301 Hope for the Hurting - Series 2.mp3
The Shield of FaithPastor Gary MitchenerMar 3001 The Shield Of Faith 1.mp301 The Shield Of Faith 1.mp3
The Boots of Peace Pastor Gary MitchenerMar 2301 The Boots Of Peace.mp301 The Boots Of Peace.mp3
The Case of the Dying Thief Pastor Gary MitchenerMar 1601 Hope for the Hurting - Series.mp301 Hope for the Hurting - Series.mp3
The Belt Of TruthPastor Gary MitchenerMar 0901 The Belt of Truth.mp301 The Belt of Truth.mp3
Am I My Brother's Keeper?Pastor Gary MichenerFeb 2301 Am I My Brother_s Keeper.mp301 Am I My Brother_s Keeper.mp3
"Love Your Enemies" - They Way of Love SeriesPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 2301 The Way of Love-Series 3.mp301 The Way of Love-Series 3.mp3
The Love of GodPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1601 John 2.mp301 John 2.mp3
The Way of Love - Series / What is Love?Pastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1601 The Way of Love-Series 2.mp301 The Way of Love-Series 2.mp3
The Way of Love - Series / The Three Loves Of A DisciplePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0901 The Way of Love.mp301 The Way of Love.mp3
Indebted to LovePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0901 Romans.mp301 Romans.mp3
Commanded to LovePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0201 John 1.mp301 John 1.mp3
The More Excellent Way of Love / The Way of Love SeriesPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0201 The Way of Love-Series.mp301 The Way of Love-Series.mp3
They Shall Still Bear Fruit In Old AgePastor Gary MitchenerJan 2601_Psalm_1.mp301_Psalm_1.mp3
Second Mile Christian (In Our Forgiving)Pastor Gary MitchenerJan 1901 Second Mile Christian.mp301 Second Mile Christian.mp3
"The Works of the Lord are Great"Pastor Gary MitchenerJan 1901 The Works of the Lord are Great.mp301 The Works of the Lord are Great.mp3
Balanced BlessingsPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1201 2 Corinthians.mp301 2 Corinthians.mp3
Second Mile ChristianPastor Gary MitchenerJan 1201 Audio CD 5.mp301 Audio CD 5.mp3
Seven Certain SoundsPastor Gary MitchenerJan 0501 Seven Certain Sounds.mp301 Seven Certain Sounds.mp3
God's PerspectiveRev. Mike HolesappleDec 2201_Colossians.mp301_Colossians.mp3
Mary Had A Little LambPastor Gary MitchenerDec 2201_Matthew_5.mp301_Matthew_5.mp3
"How To Be Strong In The Lord"Pastor Gary MitchenerDec 1801 How To Be Strong In The Lord.mp301 How To Be Strong In The Lord.mp3
God's Answer To Fearing The FuturePastor Gary MitchenerDec 0801_Psalm_1.mp301_Psalm_1.mp3
The Believers Song Of VictoryPastor Gary MitchenerDec 0101 The Believers Song of Victory.mp301 The Believers Song of Victory.mp3
Blessings The Soul ForgetsPastor Gary MitchenerDec 0101_Psalm.mp301_Psalm.mp3
He Went A Little FartherPastor Gary MitchenerNov 1701 He Went A Little Farther.mp301 He Went A Little Farther.mp3
"When God Sets Your Barley Fields On Fire"Pastor Gary MitchenerNov 1701 When God Sets Your Barley Fields.mp301 When God Sets Your Barley Fields.mp3
Come Back To BethlehemPastor Gary MitchenerNov 1001_Ruth.mp301_Ruth.mp3
I'm Thankful For The Great CommissionPastor Gary MitchenerNov 1001_Matthew_4.mp301_Matthew_4.mp3
The Cure for a Troubled HeartPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0301_The_Cure_For_A_Troubled_Heart.mp301_The_Cure_For_A_Troubled_Heart.mp3
Why Im Thankful For The ChurchPastor Gary MitchenerNov 0301_Matthew_3.mp301_Matthew_3.mp3
Joshua 3Rev. Jim McAllisterOct 2701_Audio_CD.mp301_Audio_CD.mp3
Living Free From The Fear of ManPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2701_Matthew_2.mp301_Matthew_2.mp3
It's Jesus _Part 2Pastor Gary MitchenerOct 2001 Its Jesus_Part 2.mp301 Its Jesus_Part 2.mp3
5 Ways To Be A Successful HusbandPastor Gary MitchenerOct 2001 1 Peter.mp301 1 Peter.mp3
It's Jesus (Part 1 of 2)Pastor Gary MitchenerOct 2001 Matthew.mp301 Matthew.mp3
Building A Strong MarriagePastor Gary MitchenerOct 1301 Building A Strong Marriage.mp301 Building A Strong Marriage.mp3
FRIEND DAY,2013_9AM SERVICEDavid CroweOct 0601 Friend Day.mp301 Friend Day.mp3
FRIEND DAY_11AM SERVICEDavid CroweOct 0601 Friend Day_11AM.mp301 Friend Day_11AM.mp3
Giving Them Living WaterPastor Gary MitchenerSep 2904 Give Them Living Water - Track 2.mp304 Give Them Living Water - Track 2.mp3
The Three Things Needed To Reach The LostPastor Gary MitchenerSep 2201 Luke 15.mp301 Luke 15.mp3
Spirit_Filled_Homes_Part_2Pastor Gary MitchenerSep 2201 Ephesians 1.mp301 Ephesians 1.mp3
One Thing You Can Take To The BankPastor Gary MitchenerSep 1501 One Things You Can Take To The Ba.mp301 One Things You Can Take To The Ba.mp3
Spirit-Filled Homes / Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerSep 1501 Ephesians.mp301 Ephesians.mp3
The Safe PlaceRev. Gene CrewseSep 0802 _The Safe House_ - Track 03.mp302 _The Safe House_ - Track 03.mp3
Spirit-Filled SubmissionPastor Gary MitchenerSep 01Spiri_Filled_Submission.mp3Spiri_Filled_Submission.mp3
The Pictures of the PearlPastor Gary MitchenerAug 2501 Matthew 13.mp301 Matthew 13.mp3
Spirit-Filled WalkPastor Gary MitchenerAug 18The Spirit_Filled_Walk.mp3The Spirit_Filled_Walk.mp3
The Truth About The BloodPastor Gary MitchenerAug 1801 The Truth About The Blood 1.mp301 The Truth About The Blood 1.mp3
Crossing God_s DeadlinePastor Gary MitchenerAug 11Crossing God_s Deadline.mp3Crossing God_s Deadline.mp3
What Moves YouRev. Mike HolesappleAug 11What Moves You.mp3What Moves You.mp3
Secrets of Lasting Love Part 2 of 2Pastor Gary MitchenerAug 0401 Secrets of Lasting Love_Part 2of2.mp301 Secrets of Lasting Love_Part 2of2.mp3
The 5 Most Shocking Things In The BiblePastor Gary MitchenerAug 0401 The 5 Most Shocking Things In The.mp301 The 5 Most Shocking Things In The.mp3
The Importance of Bring_A_Friend_Day_9AMRev. Jim McAllisterJul 28The Imprtance of Bring_A_Friend_Day_9AM.mp3The Imprtance of Bring_A_Friend_Day_9AM.mp3
The Importance of Bring A Friend Day_11AMRev.Jim McAllisterJul 28The Importance of Bring_A_Friend_Day_11AM.mp3The Importance of Bring_A_Friend_Day_11AM.mp3
"When You Reach The End of Your Rope"Pastor Gary MitchenerJul 2101 2 Kings 4_1-7.mp301 2 Kings 4_1-7.mp3
Secrets of Lasting Love - Part 1Pastor Gary MitchenerJul 21Secrets of Lasting Love_Part 1.mp3Secrets of Lasting Love_Part 1.mp3
The Potter and The ClayPastor Gary MitchenerJul 14The Potter and the Clay.mp3The Potter and the Clay.mp3
Get Out Alive: Having a Faith That SurvivesGuest Speaker: Rev. Jeff MooreJul 14Get Out Alive_Having a Faith That Survives.mp3Get Out Alive_Having a Faith That Survives.mp3
Living Strong In A Weak WorldPastor Gary MitchenerJul 0701 Living Strong In A Weak World.mp301 Living Strong In A Weak World.mp3
You Have What It TakesPastor Gary MitchenerJul 0701 You Have What It Takes.mp301 You Have What It Takes.mp3
Have You Been With JesusPastor Gary MitchenerJun 30Have You Been With Jesus.mp3Have You Been With Jesus.mp3
Impact Your World For JesusPastor Gary MitchenerJun 30Impact Your World For Jesus.mp3Impact Your World For Jesus.mp3
Noah: A Successful Man of GodPastor Gary MitchenerJun 23Noah_A Successful Man of God.mp3Noah_A Successful Man of God.mp3
God Is In ControlPastor Gary MitchenerJun 23God Is In Control.mp3God Is In Control.mp3
What Father's Need In Today's WorldPastor Gary MitchenerJun 1601 What Fathers Need In Today World.mp301 What Fathers Need In Today World.mp3
Go ForwardPastor Gary MitchenerJun 09Go Forward.mp3Go Forward.mp3
Then Came AmalekPastor Gary MitchenerJun 09Then Came Amalek.mp3Then Came Amalek.mp3
You Need Not Be DepressedPastor Gary MitchenerJun 02You Need Not To Be Depressed.mp3You Need Not To Be Depressed.mp3
Facing GiantsPastor Gary MitchenerJun 02Facing Giants.mp3Facing Giants.mp3
Stopping To RefuelPastor Gary MitchenerMay 26Stopping To Refuel.mp3Stopping To Refuel.mp3
3 Steps To SanctificationPastor Gary MitchenerMay 1901 Romans.mp301 Romans.mp3
Choosing What Matters MostPastor Gary MitchenerMay 19Choosing What Matters Most.mp3Choosing What Matters Most.mp3
What Moms Need..and How You Can HelpPastor Gary MitchenerMay 12What Moms need and how we can help.mp3What Moms need and how we can help.mp3
SuperMomPastor Gary MitchenerMay 12SuperMom.mp3SuperMom.mp3
Mike Holesapple - TestimonyRev. Mike HolesappleMay 05Mike Holesapple Testimony.mp3Mike Holesapple Testimony.mp3
What To Do About God's WillPastor Gary MitchenerApr 28What_to_do_about_Gods_will.mp3What_to_do_about_Gods_will.mp3
Men's Rally_2013Rev. John WilliamsApr 2602 Track 02 - Track 03 - Track 04 1.mp302 Track 02 - Track 03 - Track 04 1.mp3
Mike King TestimonyMike KingApr 2601 Mike King Testimony.mp301 Mike King Testimony.mp3
Slowing DownPastor Gary MitchenerApr 21Slow Down.mp3Slow Down.mp3
Where Did It Fall?Pastor Gary MitchenerApr 21Where Did It Fall.mp3Where Did It Fall.mp3
A Man After God's HeartPastor Gary MitchenerApr 14A-Man-After-Gods-Heart.mp3A-Man-After-Gods-Heart.mp3
How To Lighten Your LoadPastor Gary MitchenerApr 14Hhow To Lighten Your Load.mp3Hhow To Lighten Your Load.mp3
How Jesus Strengthens Your LifePastor Gary MitchenerApr 07How Jesus Strengthens Your Life.mp3How Jesus Strengthens Your Life.mp3
The Feeding Of The Five ThousandPastor Gary MitchenerApr 0701 Matthew.mp301 Matthew.mp3
Real FreedomPastor Gary MitchenerMar 31Real Freedom.mp3Real Freedom.mp3
The Risen Christ, Our HopePastor Gary MitchenerMar 31The Risen Christ, our Hope.mp3The Risen Christ, our Hope.mp3
A Donkey, A King, and A LessonPastor Gary MitchenerMar 24A Donkey, A King, and A Lesson.mp3A Donkey, A King, and A Lesson.mp3
How To Prepare For EasterPastor Gary MitchenerMar 24How To Prepare For Easter.mp3How To Prepare For Easter.mp3
Three Life Changing WordsPastor Gary MitchenerMar 1701 Hebrews.mp301 Hebrews.mp3
The Christ Of RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerMar 1701 John.mp301 John.mp3
The Challenge of RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerMar 1001 Acts.mp301 Acts.mp3
Hezekiah's RevivalRev. Gene CrewseMar 1001 2 Chronicles 29_1-11.mp301 2 Chronicles 29_1-11.mp3
Beauty For AshesPastor Gary MitchenerMar 0301 Isaiah.mp301 Isaiah.mp3
The Church In RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerMar 0301 The Church In Revival.mp301 The Church In Revival.mp3
The Cost of RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 2401 2 Chronicles.mp301 2 Chronicles.mp3
What Does It Take To Bring People To Jesus?Pastor Gary MitchenerFeb 2401 Mark 1.mp301 Mark 1.mp3
The Church On FirePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1701 The Church On Fire.mp301 The Church On Fire.mp3
The Call To RevivalPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 102-01 The Call To Revival.mp32-01 The Call To Revival.mp3
Launch Out For JesusPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 1001 Launch Out For Jesus.mp301 Launch Out For Jesus.mp3
Great Things The Lord Has DonePastor Gary MitchenerFeb 0301 Mark.mp301 Mark.mp3
How To Overcome SinPastor Gary MitchenerFeb 03How To Overcome Sin.mp3How To Overcome Sin.mp3
When Jesus Comes ByPastor Gary MitchenerJan 2701 _When Jesus Comes By_.mp301 _When Jesus Comes By_.mp3
Living A Generous LifePastor Gary MitchenerJan 2001 Track 01 3.mp301 Track 01 3.mp3
Priorities of StewardshipPastor Gary MitchenerJan 2001 1 Corinthians 16_1-2.mp301 1 Corinthians 16_1-2.mp3
Why We TithePastor Gary MitchenerJan 13Why We Tithe.mp3Why We Tithe.mp3
Growing In The Grace Of GivingPastor Gary MitchenerJan 13Growing in the Grace of Giving.mp3Growing in the Grace of Giving.mp3
Stewardship_The_Abilities_and_LiabilitiesRev. Gene CrewseJan 06Stewardship_The_abilities_and_libilities.mp3Stewardship_The_abilities_and_libilities.mp3
Stewardship_Understanding_OwnershipRev. Mike HolesappleJan 06Stewardship_Understanding_Ownership.mp3Stewardship_Understanding_Ownership.mp3
Why Christmas Conquers FearPastor Gary MitchenerDec 09Why Christmas Conquers Fear.mp3Why Christmas Conquers Fear.mp3
Why The Wonder of ChristmasPastor Gary MitchenerDec 09Why The Wonder of Christmas.mp3Why The Wonder of Christmas.mp3
Leslie Black Leslie BlackMay 02Leslie Black.mp3Leslie Black.mp3
Stacy McNeillStacy McNeillFeb 01Stacy McNeill.mp3Stacy McNeill.mp3
Stacia CrumpStacia CrumpOct 05Stacia Crump.mp3Stacia Crump.mp3

First Free Will Baptist Church

2106 W. Evangel Street
Ozark, MO 65721

We are located right off the 65 / 14 interchange in Ozark.
(South of McDonalds)

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